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Few industries have seen more rapid or more constant change than the pipeline industry. Constantly emerging new technologies and ever-changing demands mean constant challenge - not least of all for the men and women who must master new technologies and meet the demands of the pipelining workplace. At Local 798, we're working to give our Members access to the training they need to keep pace with industry change.


 Much of this training is provided by the Local 798 Training Center.


 The Training center assists U.A. Journeymen in keeping up-to-date with all the new technologies in welding, fabrication, inspection, bending-engineering and any other areas that benefit the industry and livelihood of Union Contractors and U.A Members.


 The training center also offers instruction to Journeymen and Helpers in Building Trade Skills, such as Heli-Arc and Uphill Welding.


 In addition, the Local 798 Training Center assists contributing contractors in developing welding procedures, and provides welder testing services for any pipeline construction job - domestic or overseas, on-shore or off-shore.


 School facilities are available for the testing of new technologies in welding, welding consumables, and any other advanced processes that might benefit Members, Gas and Oil Companies, or our fair contractors.


 As we enter the new millennium, the Local 798 Training Center continues to grow at a fast pace to meet the training needs of both industry and labor.


 Click here to view the Training Center Web Site.


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