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Ronnie Hill was initiated into 798 as a Welder member in 1981. He has worked in every capacity on the ROW performing UA work.  He was elected to the Finance Committee in 2005 and served 3 consecutive terms until he accepted the position of Organizer. Ronnie has been elected 3 times to represent Local 798 at the UA Convention. Ronnie and his wife Michelle, who is also a member of Local 798, reside in Kosse, TX. They have four children: Dallas, Gregory, Justin and Chelsi. Justin and Chelsi are also members of Local 798, keeping the tradition alive and well.


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Terry Langley was initiated April 12, 1976 as a Helper. In 1998 he changed his classification to Journeyman Welder. He has worked as a Job Steward and Welder on many projects in his 40 years as a member. Terry was appointed to Organizer in the Northeast in May 2010. Terry and wife Debby have been married for 25 years and live in Russellville, Arkansas. They have two children, Leslie and Samuel, and five grandchildren. Samuel is also a Welder member in Local 798.


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