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George M. Lambert Scholarship

Our Pipeliners Voluntary Fund Scholarship Award program was developed in 1969 by George M. Lambert, who recognized that the continued progress of organized labor depends on educating our youth so that they may promote unionism in their professions. Our Voluntary Fund Scholarship Program is an investment in the future of our members, their families, and our local union.


The program was renamed The George M. Lambert Scholarship Award Program on December 10, 1999 to honor Brother Lambert's commitment and dedication to the working men and women in the Pipeline Industry. To date, it has helped hundreds of students enrolled in an institution of higher learning.


$3,000 General Scholarship Program


Each year, Local Union 798 awards ten $3,000 scholarship prizes. Members of Pipeliners Local Union 798 are eligible, as well as their spouses, sons, daughters and grandchildren who are enrolled in at least their first semester of college.


Harry H. Faucett, Jr. Memorial Scholarship


One $7,500 scholarship, honoring Harry H. Faucett Jr., will be awarded to the highest-ranking applicant of the George M. Lambert Scholarship Program, provided the applicant has maintained an overall 3.2 GPA in college level classes while seeking a Bachelor's or Graduate degree.


How To Apply


The competition is conducted each year during the fall semester. Students are encouraged to apply after enrollment.


There are two ways to apply:


Write for an application. Students may request an application by writing a letter to The Voluntary Fund. If you write for an application, your letter must include the name the college you are attending, the date when your current semester will be completed and a return address.  The application will be mailed to the address you provide. Fill out the application form and return it to the Pipeliners Voluntary Fund. Application requests and completed applications should be sent to:


The Pipeliners Voluntary Fund

P.O. Box 470798

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-0798



Download an application and Personal Appraisal Forms from the website. For a scholarship application and Personal Appraisal Forms you can download from the website, click here: Scholarship Application Form and here for the instruction sheet.

In addition to the completed application, it is the applicant's responsibility to make sure TWO completed Personal Appraisal Forms are received by the Pipeliners Voluntary Fund no later than the deadline. The Personal Appraisal Forms must be filled out and mailed to the Pipeliners Voluntary Fund by people who can vouch for the applicant's abilities and characters - other than the applicant or any of the applicant's relatives.


Completed applications and Personal Appraisal Forms should be sent to:


The Pipeliners Voluntary Fund

P.O. Box 470798

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-0798


This year's application for the 2017/2018 school term must be completed with appraisal forms, transcript, and essay of 250 words or more (but not more than 500 words) and returned no later than January 22, 2018.


After the applicant completes the semester, the school Registrar must immediately send a transcript of grades to:


The Pipeliners Voluntary Fund

P.O. Box 470798

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147-0798



It is each applicant's responsibility to make sure this happens.


Selecting A Winner


A specially selected Scholarship Program committee will review the applications and give consideration to academic achievement, financial need, and potential for success in a chosen field of study. Rankings will be presented by the committee to the Pipeliners Voluntary Fund Scholarship Board.


Final Winner Requirements


Winners will be notified by letter sent to the address provided on the application.


Each winner will be required to submit the following three items: A brief background summary of all achievements.


A personal "Thank You" letter expressing in your own words how you feel about being an award recipient


A current color photograph suitable for publication. This photo should not feature a dark background. It must be no smaller than 2" x 3" and no larger than 8" x 10."


Please remember to meet these final requirements. Failure to comply will result in a forfeiting of the award.


When these final items have been received by the Pipeliners Voluntary Fund, Scholarship checks will be mailed to the award winners. Winners will be announced on the Local 798 website in April.


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