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The mission of the Dispatch office is to assist our membership in obtaining gainful employment within the scope of his or her job classification and skill level. Our goal is to do this in a fair and impartial manner that respects each member’s right to be offered work based solely on out-of-work date and skills designated by the member.

All dispatches will adhere to the rules and policies set forth in the Pipeliners Local 798 Dispatch and Out-Of-Work Policy, Constitution and By-Laws of the Pipeliners Local Union No. 798, Constitution of the United Association, United Association National Pipeline Agreement and all State and Federal Laws that govern and regulate employment through Union Dispatch Offices.

Local 798 supports the principles of equal opportunity and diversity in membership and employment. Local 798 does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, religion, national origin, age or disability.

The fast, fair dispatch of Members to open jobs is one of the most important services of your Local Union 798. That's what the Local Union 798 Out-Of-Work List is all about.

The basic idea:

A Jobline has been established and jobs ordered by contractors are posted between the hours of 5 PM and 7 AM Monday thru Friday. You may call and apply for any job in your classification that you feel you are competent and capable of performing. The next morning the job will be filled by the member that applies for the job and has the oldest out-of-work date. The Out-Of-Work List exists to make sure every Member gets a fair share of the available jobs. Additionally our fair contractors get the well trained, top-quality professionals they need for world-class pipeline work - people like you - whenever, wherever they need them. If we all do our part, everybody comes out ahead!

Here are answers to some questions you may have about the Local Union 798 Work List. (Click here for the official Dispatch Policy and Procedures.)

1. When I'm available for work, how do I get in line for jobs?

Contact the 24 Hour Dispatch Office Voicemail at 918-663-3200. No one can do this for you. Only you can put your name on the list. There are three ways to let us know you're available for work: by phone, by mail or by FAX.

Voice Mail: (918) 663-3200
FAX: (918) 610-2740
For an Out-Of-Work Form you can print, fill out and mail or FAX to Local 798, click here: Out-Of-Work Form
Between jobs, report yourself available for work only once.

2. How do I find out where I stand on the Out-Of-Work List?

Call the automated system at (918) 610-2746 and follow the instructions or contact the Dispatch Office by phone at (918) 610-2761. No one can do this for you. Only you can find out your position on the Out-Of-Work List. We won't give this information out to anyone else - not even your spouse. We want to make absolutely sure this information is kept strictly confidential.

3. Who gets called when jobs are available?

Jobs ordered are place on the Jobline each day that work is ordered and available. The Jobline may be accessed between the hours of 5:00 PM - 7:00 AM (CST) at (918) 610-2745. A member that is currently on the Out-Of-Work List may apply for any job on the Jobline by following the instructions on the Jobline. At 8:00 AM (CST), the first person to be called is the Member who is qualified for the job, eligible to be dispatched, and whose name is at the top of the list. .The line will be cleared as the jobs are offered to the members that apply with the oldest Out-of -Work Date.

4. Sometimes I've moved up or back on the list even when I haven't been working. What's up with that?

Suppose you're in the Number 3 slot on the Out-Of-Work list. Now, your Brother Member, John Doe, reports himself out of work after working only 14 days on a National Agreement job. According to the rules, Brother John moves back into his former position on the Out-Of-Work List - the position he had before taking the 14-day job - because he has worked less than 300 hours on that job. If John moves back into the Number 1 slot, what happens to everybody else on the list? They move back (or down) one slot. So, if you were Number 3 before Brother John reported himself out of work, you'll move to the Number 4 slot. Imagine, with hundreds of Members moving on and off the list just about every day, it gets pretty complicated.

5. If I'm in the Number 1 slot, what happens?

You'll get the first call for the next available job in your classification that you're qualified for and apply for on the Jobline. And notice: we said "first call." Additional calls are made and if you do not respond in a timely manner, the job may be taken.

6. What happens if I'm not home when you call?

The Dispatcher will attempt to reach you and will leave a message that we've called - along with the request that you call us back. We'll leave this message with any person who answers the phone or on an answering machine. We will not give details about the available job to anyone other than you. We will not give job information to anyone else - not even your spouse. We will try to reach you twice after you have applied for jobs. If you don't call the Dispatch Office after our second "call us back" message, busy signal or "no answer", your name will be removed from the Out-Of-Work List.

7. What happens if illness keeps me from working?

Simple! Do not call in and apply for a job until you are well and capable of going to work. If you are ill for over a year, send in a new Out-Of-Work Card by the anniversary of your Out-Of-Work date to retain your position on the Out-Of-Work list.

8. If I accept a job, how long do I have to get to the job site?

When you are dispatched to a job, you must be en-route within 24 hours. You must travel at least 500 miles every 24 hours until you arrive at the job site. If you cannot meet this time limit, you must notify the Dispatch Office and the welder foreman on the job to make sure there will be a job available when you arrive late. If you do not notify the Dispatch Office that you will be arriving late, the job will be filled by someone else and you will lose your place on the Out-Of-Work List. Charges for violation of Union bylaws will be filed against you.

9. When do I drop to the bottom of the Out-Of-Work List?

Your name will drop to the bottom of the Out-Of-Work List if you refuse a National Agreement or Project Agreement job that you have applied for and the job is offered to you by the Local Union 798 Dispatch Office.

10. When will I be removed from the Out-Of-Work List?

Your name will be removed from the Out-Of-Work List:

A. If you don’t call the Dispatch Office after the second attempt to reach you at the phone number you’ve given us.

B. If you have not taken a job during the year and have not sent in a new Out-Of-Work Card by the anniversary of your Out-Of-Work date.

C. If you arrive late for a job and have not notified the Dispatch Office in advance, so that the job had to be filled by someone else. (In addition to removal from the Work List, charges will be filed against you for violating Union By-Laws.) This holds when you go to work on a pipeline job - whether you are dispatched to the job by the Union or are hired directly by a contractor and if you are working on a pipeline job in any Local Union jurisdiction.

11. When do I need to start a new Out-Of-Work Date?

When you start a new Out-Of-Work Date, you start the whole Work List process over from the beginning - wiping the slate clean, setting the meter back to zero. You need to start a new Out-Of-Work Date when:

A. You’ve been removed from the Out-Of-Work List, and want to get in line for available jobs

B. After you’ve worked a total of 300 hours or more on National Agreement and/or Project Agreement work on one or more consecutive pipeline jobs. All hours worked will count towards the 300 hours.

C. After you've worked a total of 450 hours or more on Special Agreement work and/or a combination of Special Agreement work and National Pipeline Agreement work on one or more consecutive jobs. This also includes Station Work and Special Station Agreement work. Any hours worked will count towards the 450 hours.

12. What if I miss a test or work less than the required days?

If you notify the Dispatch Office within five days after missing the test or the end of the "short" job, you will return to your former position on the Union's Out-Of-Work List. However, all hours worked will count toward the 300 hours or 450 hours total. To return to the Out-Of-Work List slot you had before the short job or the missed test, you must call the Dispatch Office within five days. No one can do this for you - not even your spouse. A welder who consecutively misses two (2) tests, is run off two (2) times for bad welds, or a combination of both will be urged to come to the 798 Training Center for evaluation. This will determine whether you are having a problem with your machine, need assistance with your welding skills, etc. You must come to the 798 Training Center and re-qualify in order to use the Dispatch Office for job referral. You may place yourself on the Out-Of-Work list but may not be dispatched until you re-test.

13. Does the Union ever fill jobs without using the Out-Of-Work List?

Yes. Your Local Union 798 abides by the provisions of the National Pipeline Agreement - including those designed to meet the understandable needs of our fair contractors. One provision says: "The Union must dispatch the employees requested by the employer at the start of a job within 48 hours-and after a job has started, within 24 hours.” If we are unable to fill job openings from the Job Line, the Dispatch Office will call the Business Agent in the jurisdiction of the job to assist us in fulfilling the Union's quota.

14. What if my phone number or address has changed?

To change your address or phone number on-line, click here for a copy you can print off, fill out and either e-mail or mail in: Change of Address/Phone Form.


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