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DOT Compliance through NTCI


At Steward School this past April, the FMCSA ruling requiring pipeline welders to obtain their own DOT # and comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations was a hot topic.  National Transportation Consultants (NTCI), who have significant experience in the pipeline industry, was asked by the UA and Local #798 leadership to put together a simple one-stop program to help union members comply with that ruling and be present at Steward School to answer questions.


NTCI is now ready to roll-out its DOT compliance program for UA members and that is good news because the government is launching a new program effective October 23, 2015 that will add a $300 fee to apply for a DOT #.  Here’s why you should get compliant now:


• If you’re caught without the proper operating authority, the DOT can shut you down and prevent you from getting to the job.

• The average fine issued to companies caught operating without the proper authority in 2012 (the last full year of data) was $5,490.

• The cost to get compliant will increase on October 23, 2015 due to new government fees.

• You’re a professional…You do things right, because that’s the right thing to do.

• NTCI will make it easy and ensure that you always have the documentation needed to prove your compliance when you arrive on a job.


Please click on the following links for:


Program Brochure & Description

Program Pricing Sheet

Instructions for NTCI’s Online Application


You can sign-up online at https://weld.ntconsult.com.  For those who have questions or wish to apply by phone, please contact NTCI at (317) 770-0953





Recent Facebook posts have cast a negative image towards Local 798 and our Members. In our efforts to maintain a positive public image, please read the following letter from the Business Manager and Financial Secretary-Treasurer. We would appreciate your cooperation in helping to maintain the high standards of our organization.


Letter From The Business Manager





Please Support the Exemption from the FMSCA Regulations! Please read the letter below from Business Manager Danny Hendrix


FMSCA Exemption Letter


Below are sample letters

Sample Letter 1

Sample Letter 2

Sample Letter 3

Sample Letter 4

Sample Letter 5

Sample Letter 6






Meeting Notice

September 11, 2015


The Regular September Membership Meeting will be held at the Pipeliners Local Union 798 Union Hall, 4823 S. 83rd E. Ave., Tulsa, OK on Friday, September 11, 2015 beginning at 7:00 p.m.


SPECIAL BUSINESS:  Nomination and Election of an Election Committee and Nominations for Convention Delegates.  The Election Committee will oversee the 2015 Election of Convention Delegates for the 2016 UA Convention. Therefore, Election Committee Members will not be eligible to seek election as a Convention Delegate.


Nomination and Election of an Election Committee:  As provided in the Local 798 Constitution & By-Laws under Article XVII, Elections, Section 7: “For each general election for officers, an Election Committee consisting of three (3) members will be nominated and elected at the nominating meeting. The member with the highest number of votes shall be Chairman of said committee, or, if no such plurality exists, the Committee shall appoint its own Chairman. The nominating meeting will be held at least one meeting prior to the election meeting. Its term of office shall be for that election only.”


Any member who has been in continuous good standing for the two years prior to election is eligible to run for Election Committee.  Nominations will be accepted on the floor at the Membership meeting.  In addition, letters of nomination may be submitted via fax to 918 627-9327, via email to information@local798.org, or via mail to PO Box 470798, Tulsa, OK  74147.   Faxed, emailed and mailed nominations must be submitted by 12:00 noon on Friday, September 11, 2015.  It is the nominator’s responsibility to verify that the nomination has been received in the Local Union office.


All nominees must sign a nomination acceptance letter.  Nomination acceptance letters must be submitted prior to the start of the September 11, 2015 membership meeting.  Letters can be submitted via fax to 918 627-9327, via mail to PO Box 470798, Tulsa, OK  74147 or via email to information@local798.org.  It is the nominee’s responsibility to verify that the nomination acceptance letter has been received by the Local Union office.


The secret ballot election will be conducted during the September 11, 2015 membership meeting.  Election Committee Members will not be eligible to run for Convention Delegate, and should plan to attend a meeting on Saturday, September 12, 2015 at 9:00 a.m. at the Local 798 Union office.





798 Ladies Hospitality


Motel Accommodations


The 798 Hospitality will be held at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel – 6808 S. 107th E. Ave., Tulsa, OK 74133 – beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, September 11, 2015.  The Renaissance Tulsa Hotel has graciously offered a discounted room rate of $91.00.  To make reservations, call (918) 307-2600.  Make sure you indicate you are with Pipeliners Local Union 798.













ABFCU is now offering financing on new and used welding equipment to members of Local 798!  Visit us at http://www.abfcu.org or call 1-800-227-8968 to apply.




DOT Regulations

During Steward School 2015, we discussed the situation regarding DOT numbers on welding rigs. Due to the advisory opinion provided by FMCSA, we believe it is in our Members best interest to comply with the regulations requiring a DOT number on a welding rig.


National Transportation Consultants, Inc. was introduced as a group who can provide valuable assistance to our members. They can provide assistance to members in obtaining their DOT numbers, and with keeping them in compliance with all DOT regulations, and also assist with any legal problems should they occur. Please see the related information below, and contact National Transportation Consultants at 317 770-0953.


UA Brochure

UA to Pipeline locals re FMSCA Opinion

FMCSA Response to Requests for Advisory Opinion




Trust Company of Oklahoma Video




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2015  Travel Pay Rates


2015 Dues Scale Changes


2015 Rig Rental Rates







Please call Michael E. Shelton, our attorney for these issues BEFORE giving any statements, signing any papers, or taking any other action that may affect your rights. The call and advice are free. Mike also carries a Journeyman's card with UA Local 100 and understands the issues you deal with when injured. His contact information is:



Mike Shelton

The Shelton Law Firm

2777 Allen Parkway, 14th Floor

Houston, TX 77019

Office phone: 713 807-0700

Office Fax: 713 400-4086

Email: mshelton@shelton.law.pro

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